Report by: Mladin Tirb Viorica
Mladin Tirb Viorica

ORADEA / ROMANIA, It's been one month since the first case was detected in Romania. Here the authorities have taken measures since the first cases, the educational units were closed, and then more and more activities were ceased in view of the state of emergency adopted by the Government.
At present, except for food stores and pharmacies, everything is closed, the world circulates on the street based on a statement, only for emergencies, or for purchasing food around the home. People over 65 have only two hours to go buy food.
Due to the few tests performed in the first weeks, the number of confirmed cases was lower, as the tests began to be performed in several cities, the number of cases doubled. A peak of cases is expected in mid-April. The medical system is not among the best and has many problems. Due to the lack of medical equipment, medical personnel became ill and the entire hospital must be quarantined.
People are scared, they follow the rules, the streets are deserted.
As hope is the only driving force these days, we have to trust that everything will end as soon as possible and life will return to normal, although nothing will be as before.