Africa is an enormous continent, and it offers countless destinations worth exploring. In a trip through Africa, you can meet the Masai Mara people in Kenya, look out onto the plains of the Serengeti or relax on a tropical island. Africa is diverse and beautiful, and there is no end to what you can see, do and explore there. As you plan your next African journey, be sure to include at least one from this list of best places to visit in Africa as your schedule will allow.
Report By our Paryatan Buddy

1. Pyramids of Giza
We sometimes overlook how extraordinary the Pyramids of Giza are because the image of them is commonplace today. The work of thousands and thousands of laborers, the Pyramids and the Sphinx at Giza is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and they were known to the ancients as a Wonder of the World. The Giza Complex just outside Cairo on the fringes of the Libyan Desert is sublime and mysterious, built to house the dead pharaohs and all the items they would need to rule the afterlife.
2. Isalo National Park
Just off the coast of Mozambique, and in the waters of the Indian Ocean, is the island of Madagascar. While the island nation has a lot to do, see and explore, a highlight is undoubtedly the Isalo National Park. Within the park, you will have access to a wide range of terrain types. Be prepared to spot enormous canyons, lush palm-tree oases and even unique sandstone formations. The best way to see Isalo National Park is on a guided trek, and many people opt for overnight camping to enhance the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

3. Sidi Bou Said
A glorious little village on the coast of Tunisia that has attracted writers and artists throughout the ages to inspire them with its beauty and tranquility. The whole village is bedecked in a color scheme of whitewash walls with blue doors and windows, which was instigated by the French artist Baron Rodolphe D’Erlanger. Looking out over the sea, it is little wonder that the likes of Matisse, Klee, Auguste Macke, Andre Gide and Simone de Beauvoir flocked here

4. Table Mountain
Table Mountain makes Cape Town, one of the world’s best beach cities, also one of the world’s most photogenic.
Cable car rides are available to the top of the mesa, giving great views, fantastic sunrises/sunsets and a great photo. Challenge: Try to limit yourself to 50 pics.
5. Serengeti National Park
Arguably one of the most amazing natural events in the world, the Wildebeest Migration is an impressive movement to witness. The migration takes place among the open plains of Serengeti National Park to the Masai Mara of Kenya.
Hundreds of thousands of the magnificent wildebeest and zebra move towards greener pastures. The mass movement is a tense journey for the herbivores as they are followed closely by various predators hoping to benefit from the stragglers’ weaknesses.
6. Rock Restaurant
Set on a rock, along the shores of Michanwi Pingwe beach in Zanzibar, Rock Restaurant offers the finest cuisine and laid-back beauty that will take your breath away. Visit: The Rock Restaurant
7. Knysna
Knysna is beautiful town located in the Garden Route of South Africa. It is a beautiful place to visit and it features scenic attractions such as beautiful beaches and lush forest vegetation. If you love a quiet but exciting vacation, Knysna is a place to go.
8. Sossusvlei
A lesser-known beauty of the continent, Sossusvlei is a region of dry lake, claypan and orange and red sand dunes in the Namibian desert which contrast so crisply against the clear blue.
9. Victoria Falls
One of the world’s most majestic water spectacles, Victoria Falls (also called Mosi-oa-Tunya, or “The Cloud That Thunders) — were reportedly first seen by a European when Scotsman David Livingstone journeyed here in 1855.
Since then thousands have enjoyed the spray from the 108-meter high cascade, which was once recorded flowing at 12,800 cubic meters per second — double that of Niagara’s highest flow.
10. Ihla
The Island of Mozambique is an undiscovered jewel in Africa. The Island lies off the Northern coast of Mozambique. It is known for its white coral sand, crystal-clear water and coral reefs stretching along the Indian Ocean. The island is breathtaking!
11. Sahara Dunes
The most user-friendly part of the Sahara is accessible from the northern edge of Morocco. You can trek with Berbers from the town of Zagoura, or camp out in Tazzarine, where runners from all over the world complete the weeklong Marathon des Sables every spring.
The foot of the Merzouga Dunes is the ultimate location for gazing at stars, totally free of light pollution.
12. Masai Mara
The Masai Mara is Kenya’s answer to the Serengeti and it is spectacular. It is actually connected to the Serengeti. When we took a hot air balloon over the Masai Mara we actually landed in Tanzania.
During our safari in the Masai Mara, we saw all of the big 5 animals. It is one of the most beautiful African Destinations.
13. Djenne
Djenné in Mali is a remarkable site, composed up of thousands of adobe buildings made from earth baked hard in the African sun and reinforced with palm fronds. The ancient town dates back to the 3rd century and beyond, but it really grew with the Saharan trade routes when slaves, gold and salt were transported across the desert to the Levant. The unspoiled earth buildings, particularly the Great Mosque built in 1907 by the French colonial authorities, make Djenné a unique place to explore and to see. The Old Town is, of course, another UNESCO World Heritage Site.
14. Lake Malawi
The most Southerly of the continent’s great lakes, Lake Malawi straddles the three countries of Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania and is surrounded by unspoiled beaches and mountains on all sides. Home to crocodiles, hippos, and other stunning wildlife, including some very rare fish, it is a wonder to behold.
15. Mountain Oasis of Chebika
Chebika is a small mountain oasis town, located at the mountains of the Djebel el Negueb. This town offers exciting adventures, beautiful views of the mountain oasis and a chance to enjoy an authentic and magical African holiday.