Lucknow .Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is receiving an influx of around 1-1.5 Lakh footfalls daily since the consecration ceremony of Ram Mandir in 22 January 2023. The Hindu temple has opened the doors of thousands of Crores of investment in Ayodhya which could possibly turn the town into the biggest spiritual tourist destination across the globe. Tourism sector, in particular in spiritual tourism is seeing a big rise in the recent years. Puneet Chhatwal mentioned that about 10 percent of global GDP comes from the tourism sector. Moreover, 10 percent of the total jobs in the world are also in this sector and the job opportunities continue to rise with the focus on travelling and vacations getting pushed since the end of pandemic. The divisional commissioner of Ayodhya, Gaurav Dayal, disclosed in January that about fifty prestigious hotel chains have committed substantial funding to major projects in Ayodhya. The construction is already underway and moving forward at a rapid pace. He had stated that some of the well-known projects are by the Taj, Marriott, Ginger, Oberoi, Trident, and Radisson, and that they will soon be finished and put into service. He said that these facilities would soon be completed and put into service. When the Ram temple was inaugurated, a Jefferies report cited Ayodhya as a driving force behind the growth of India’s tourism sector, converting the ancient city from a sleepy village to a major religious and spiritual travel destination on par with Mecca and the Vatican. At a cost of $225 million, the new Ram temple serves as the focal point of this transformation. Ram Mandir in Ayodhya has opened up tons of opportunities for the Indian government and Ayodhya locals. With the developer that is foreseen in Ayodhya, the Ram Mandir will bring in lakhs of tourists per day and ultimately, the destination has the potential to become the world’s biggest spiritual tourist spot. However, it will surely take a lot of years before the infrastructure is robust enough to make the goal a reality.