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विज्ञापन के लिए संपर्क करें

Person may be sitting in his drawing room in America or in a remote village ,with a single click on www.pranamparyatan.com , can receive all the information of tourism, cultural and traditional heritage etc of places from all around the world.
21st Century demands and dominates the Computer Age. More and more people all over the globe are accustomed of using the latest media facilities to update their day to day knowledge on travel, tourism .The youths of today's Indian find it convenient to surf the net rather then read large sized Magazines. In this trending world, where travelling is not just a hobby but a need of time ,a website that provides all the related information about best tourist places from around the world was quite necessary . And therefore, we have launched a Website " www.pranamparyatan.com" which comes as solution to receive the related information of world as well as domestic tourism on Internet, that too without downloading the fonts.
In the present scenario, Net Advertising has become one of the major advertising mode. You can participate in this portal to share your valuable advertisements. "www.pranamparyatan.com" is the best available medium for your advertisements in all over India and world combined, due to its solitary focus on tourism. The site will have some small display Advertisement box for display of your valuable advertisements. These boxes are available for the potential advertisers to subscribe their Advertisements on this site at nominal costs on yearly term basis.
We at www.pranamparyatan.com, solicit your sincere support and request you to think over this concept of advertising your Product and enhance reaps and bounds in your field. In case of clarifications required and further information call us or e-mail us, we will be right there to clear your query with utmost justification.
Mail: publicationparyatan@gmail.com 

A/c :  10071132000093
Bank: Punjab National Bank
IFS Code : PUNB0100710
Branch :  Janki puram , Lucknow-226023 (U.P.)

By Phone pe/ G-pay:   8707211135 

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